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REPRODUCTION PARTS - NOT FOR FLIGHT USE              See further down for ORIGINAL Instruments and Switches


Reproduction Spitfire Mk9 Main Instrument Panel.

Made in 3mm Aluminium.

PRICE: £125

Reproduction Blind Flying Panel (Second Pattern).

Made in 3mm Aluminium.

See Blind Flying Panels and Fixings page

Reproduction Blind Flying Panel (First Pattern).

Made in 3mm Aluminium

This is the early pattern BFP used in the Battle of Britain.

See Blind Flying Panel and Fixings page

Reproduction Blind Flying Panel mounting lug.

See Blind Flying Panel and Fixings Page

Reproduction Blind Fling Panel Mounting (Upper).

Cast in Aluminium.

PRICE: £50

Original Sprung Mounts for the Blind Flying Panel.

SOLD OUT -  but reproduction sprung mounts now available.

See Blind Flying Panel and Fixings Page



Reproduction Blind Flying Panel Mountings (Lower).

Cast in Aluminium.



ORIGINAL Blind Flying Panel Instruments

Second Pattern Rate of Climb Indicator 6A/942

PRICE: £95


Tail Wheel AH2184


Valve Regulator Type AR5/450/2 27VB/3247



Brake Pressure Gauge AHO4040

Genuine Spitfire Brake Pressure Gauge. Very rare.

Used on Mk5 aircraft onwards.

PRICE: £200

Early Direction Indicator Mk1A 6A/602.

PRICE: £110

Air Speed Indicator 400 MPH

As used in the Battle of Britain.

SOLD OUT - More wanted

Air Speed Indicator 480 MPH

As used in the Mark 9 onwards.

SOLD OUT - More wanted!

Early Artificial Horizon (Pre-1941)

SOLD OUT - More wanted

Artificial Horizon Mk1B 6A/1519.

Used throughout WW2.

See Original Blind Flying InstrumentsPanel Page

First Pattern Rate of Climb Indicator 6A/942

SOLD OUT - More wanted

Cabin Altimeter Mk12D 6A/1502

This was used in the high altitude Photo-Reconnaissance versions of the Spitfire which had pressure cabins.

Price: SOLD OUT - More Wanted

Classic Mark 14 Altimeter 6A/685.

SOLD OUT -  More wanted!

Single Pointer Altimeter Mk13 6A/437

As fitted to the earlyhigh flying Photo Reconnaisance Spitfires.

SOLD OUT - More wanted

Direction Indicator Mk1A 6A/1298.

SOLD OUT - More Wanted

Turn & Slip Indicator Mk1B 6A/675.

SOLD OUT - More wanted

Turn & Slip Indicator Mk1B 6A/1302.

See Original Blind Flying Panel Instruments Page


Oil Pressure Gauge Mk11E 6A/557

Complete with 10 foot capillary.

PRICE: £175

Oil Temperature Gauge Mk1A dated 1945

With capillary but minus the sender

SOLD OUT - More Wanted

Clock Mk3 Dated 1936 6A/676

Runs well.

SOLD OUT - More Wanted

Oxygen Regulator Mk8B 6D/476 dated 1942

Very Rare now.

SOLD - More wanted


Brake Pressure Gauge Mk1 AHO374

These were fitted to the Spitfire Mk 2 and the Hurricane. Very rare.

This one was made in Canada and is marked G6A/747, so it is probably ex-Hurricane.



This is for later aircraft such as the Mk9.

See Main Flight Panel Instruments Page

Gun Sight Mk2 8B/2666

Complete with box.

SOLD OUT - More Wanted


Early +16 and later +24 Boost Gauges

See Main Panel Flight Instruments page

Oil Temperature Gauge  6A/1340

This is the 12 volt version suitable for the Spitfire.

SOLD OUT - More Wanted

Voltmeter 5U/1636 or 5A/1636

PRICE: £30

Fuel Pressure Gauge Mk8A 6A/512 Dated 1940

Rare 1940 gauge for Spitfire or Hurricane. Complete with 10' capillary.

SOLD OUT - More Wanted


Electrical Components

Ignition Booster Coil - 37A/1815

See Electrical Components page..

Magneto Switch 5C/548

The classic Spitfire magneto switch in unused condition.

These were also used in the Hurricane.

See 5C Electrical Components

Fuel Tank Selection Button - Scarce

This is the button that fitsbeside the fuel gauge on the main instrument panel.

SOLD OUT - More Wanted

Starter Button and Cover - 5C/898 and 5C/1267

See 5C Electrical Components Page

G45 Gun Camera - 12v Version

SOLD OUT - More wanted

Tail Light Assembly less Glass

See 5C Electrical Components Page