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Air Speed Indicator Mk9E 1940 Dated

Very rare 400 MPH ASI dated for the Battle of Britain.

PRICE: £475

Direction Indicator Mk1A 6A/1298

Serial number 20477/43 dated 1943

PRICE: £150

Rate of Climb Indicator Mk1C 6A/2171

Serial Number 15427/44 dated 1944

PRICE: £125

Turn & Slip Indicator Mk1A 6A/675

Bakelite example dated 1941. Serial Number 36990/41. Slightly loose in the case.

PRICE: £195

Rate of Climb Indicator Mk1B 6A/942

Dated 1940. Serial Number 1212159/40.

Mounted in display stand.

PRICE: £175

 Instrument Display Stand Only

These accommodate all Wartime instruments that are the same diameter as the Mk9 Air Speed Indicator. They are made to order and are supplied without the label. The instruments shown are NOT included!

PRICE: £50 each

Oil Pressure Gauge Mk9E 6A/868

This is the long capillary type as used in the heavy bombers during WW2 and the 1950s.

PRICE: £150