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WW1 Compass Pattern 259


Bubble Sextant Power Supply Adaptor (12v or 24v) - 6B/195

These are stored in the transit case for the Mk9 Bubble Sextant and are often missing due to loss. They fit in the handle of the Sextant and plug into a socket in the aircraft. They can be set to 12v or 24v to match the aircraft voltage.

PRICE: £20

Astro Compass Mk2 6B/1174.

Used by the Navigator on Lancasters, Stirlings and Halifaxes.

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Compass Type P6

Early type of compass as used in the first Spitfires and Hurricanes.

This example is missing the top glass.

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Compass Type P8

These were fitted to the early Spitfires and Hurricanes during the Battle of Britain.

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Compass Type P4A

Fitted to larger aircraft such as the AVRO Lancaster.

Price: £95


Compass Type P12.

This is an inverted version of the P11 and was fitted to aircraft with limited cockpit space where it was mounted above the crew positions and viewed via the mirror. It was fitted in the Auster spotter 'plane and the Dakota.

No transit case.

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Compass Type O6

Hand held compass for taking bearings,

Illuminated by a battery in the handle (battery not included).

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Compass Corrector 6A/1032.

Short type corrector for the P-Series compasses.

PRICE: £20

Compass Corrector 6B/1752.

Long type corrector for the P-Series compasses.

PRICE: £25

Corrector for GM Compass 6B/1086.

These were fitted in the Lancaster above the Navigator's position.

SOLD OUT - More wanted

Bubble Sextant Mk9BM

This is the classic Navigator's Bubble Sextant that was used throughout the war in various forms. This is the final version and was still in service in the 1960s.

PRICE: £85


Periscopic Sextant 6B/559.

Used in V-Bombers.

PRICE: £95

Drift Sight.

Used to calculate wind speed and direction. in Lancaster bombers, etc.

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Mounting Plate for Amplifier for Ground Position Indicator Mk4 6B/655


Interception Plotter 6B/432.


Course and Speed Computor Mk2A 6B/166.

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