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North American Harvard Pilot's Instrument Panel

One position (Top Left) blanked off. All very dirty, although I have tried to clean it.


PRICE: £650

Boost Gauges


Boost Gauge Mk3  +8 Lbs  6A/1219

SOLD OUT - More Wanted

Boost Gauge Mk3G  +16 Lbs  6A/789

This is the classic WW2 boost gauge that was fitted to the Spitfire and Hurricane in the Battle of Britain and was also used in the early Lancasters.

SOLD OUT - More Wanted

Boost Gauge Mk3M  +24 Lbs

This gauge was used in the Mk9 Spitfire and the Lancaster Mk3.

PRICE: £65

Boost Gauge Mk3N  +32 Lbs  6A/1867.

Fitted to the Hawker Typhoon, Tempest and Sea Fury.

PRICE: £50

Boost Gauge Mk5H*  +8Lbs 6A/2681

Fitted to Provost


Brake Pressure Gauges

Brake Pressure Gauge AHO4040.

This is the very rare gauge that was fitted to the Spitfire.


PRICE: £200

Brake Pressure Gauge Mk1C  6A/1754.

Commonly used throughout WW2, mainly in Bomber aircraft.

PRICE: £50

Engine Speed Indicators (RPM) and Drives, etc.

Engine Speed Indicator Mk16 6A/948

Believed to be the type fitted to the Miles Magister and PercivalProctor.


Twin Engine Speed Indicator Mk2E  6A/442.

Used in twin engined aircraft such as the Anson and Oxford.

PRICE: £50

Engine Speed Indicator 5000 RPM 6A/1299

Used in the Lancaster and Lincoln bombers.

PRICE: £75

Engine Speed Indicator 5000RPM 6A/1299

Early pattern gauge as used in the Lancaster, etc.

PRICE: £75

Engine Speed Indicator Mk9G 6A/1300

This is the classic mechanical engine speed indicator as used in the later marks of Spitfire and in the Typhoon, Tempest and Sea Fury


Flexible Drive 4 foot 6A/191


Engine Driven Generator Mk4 6A/780

As used in Lancaster, etc.

Price: £50

Engine Speed Indicator 20,000RPM 6A/1559

Used in the early jets.

PRICE: £20

Miscellanous Instruments

Oil Temperature Gauge Mk2A 6A/1479

SOLD OUT - More Wanted


Fuel Contents Gauge Type 12 6A/632

This is the 35 gallon fuel gauge fitted to the Avro Anson, but is an excellent substitute for the Type 26 Spitfire fuel gauge which read to 37 gallons.

SOLD - More wanted



Cable Angle Indicator Mk3 6A/1708

Dated 1944, serial number 5066/44. Still in the original cardboard carton. This was the type of indicator fitted to the Horsa Gliders used on D-Day.