Rolls Royce Merlin 724 in Running Order and Mounted on a Road Trailer

NOW WITHDRAWN - To be offered at auction on 16/10/2019 at IWM Duxford by H and H Auctions.

The owner has supplied the following information: Over forty different types of aircraft used the Merlin engine .My engine is type 724 serial number 320531 ,it was made at the Rolls Royce factory at Hillington near Glasgow ,which was a factory built at the start of the war solely for producing Merlin engines ,for the war effort ,a remarkable  factory that from the first start of the build of the factory to the first engine running there was just 15 months ,try doing that today with today‚Äôs regulations.The engine was made and left the factory in March 1949 ,then dispatched to there Ilkeston factory which fitted the engine into there particular aircraft pod .There are over a hundred different type marks of the Merlin ,mostly with small changes to suit the aircraft they were for  such as differences to the turbo  to suit the aircrafts performance.I am a member of the Rolls Royce Heritage trust ,and these are the only records they can supply ,as the Ilkeston size was closed And they have no records of which engine went to what aircraft .We do know  that this model of Merlin was made for  Dc4m aircraft which were either a Canadair Northstar or the Dc4m arganaut transport.The engine I have had came from a Danish museum and I have found that some of these aircraft had been used in a small Danish air company .There is one Canadair Northstar plane left  in Canada in there Wings of Canada  air museum ,it is being restored but not to flying order ,they are restoring the engines so they may have ground running events in the future .That would mean that possibly my engine would be one of only five of the engines running in the world .I Stripped the engine and we found it had been inhibited with a sort of greasy tar substance that they used to protect the engine until it would be needed ,which suggests it was taken out of an aircraft  for its usual inspection ,then was stored as not been needed ,as the age of the jet came many of these engine became redundant.We where lucky because when we cleaned it of all its inhibitor it was in very good condition . Then rebuilt , painted and the  prop fitted and mounted on the trailer with the equipment you see now  ,including new radiator new 24 volt batteries and all new wiring and pipe work . When one of these DC4m planes where flying with there four Merlins they produced 1660 BHP at  17500 feet .I have more information if you need it just let me know .

Interested parties should make direct contact with owner John Lynch via

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