Adjuster for Pilot's Seat - 26EA/33236 - NEW (Old stock)


Scarce Slow Running Cut-Out Switches and Mounting Plate as fitted to the Lancaster Mk3.


Windscreen Parts surplus to PD130 Rebuild


REPRODUCTION Mounting Brackets for Blind Flying Panel.


These are fitted to the main instrument panel.

PRICE: £50 per set of three




Fire Extinguisher Button Covers - Set of 4



Lancaster No3 Tank Fuel Contents Gauge

SOLD OUT - More Wanted

Lancaster No2 Tank Fuel Contents Gauge

SOLD OUT - More Wanted

Lancaster No1 Tank Fuel Contents Gauge

SOLD OUT - More Wanted

Suction Gauge Mk.1 - 6A/757


Undercarriage Interlock Switch 5C/1974

Fits on the main instrument panel next to the magneto switches and used to prevent accidental retraction of the landing gear when the aircraft is on the ground.

PRICE: £50

Oil Pressure Gauge Mk12E - 6A/570

Complete with capillary and sender. Four of these are fitted at the Flight Engineer's station in the Lancaster.


Other Parts

REPRODUCTION Blind Flying Panel

NOT FOR FLIGHT USE.  Made in 3mm Aluminium.

See Blind Flying Panels and Fixings Page


Reproduction Lancaster Control Yoke

Cast in aluminium and complete with moving brake lever, push buttons, splined centre and cap.


Here's a real one for comparison, complete with head box. Note the absence of the second button and the presence of an additional  lug on the right hand arm. These are modifications incorporated for the Dams Raid.

Reproduction Lancaster Main Instrument Panel.

Made in 3mm Aluminium from an original AVRO jig

and laser copied.


Item includes side pieces shown below

Mounting Brackets for Blind Flying Panel.

These are fitted to the blind flying panel.


See Blind Flying Panels and Fixings page.


Reproduction Sprung Mounts for the Blind Flying Panel

Single Mounts or Sets of 3

See Blind Flying Panels and Fixings.

Shrouds for Feathering Buttons.

Made in Aluminium and anodised in black.



Cockpit Window Rails.

These fit on the cockpit side rails and canopy and provide the tracks in which the opening side windows slide.


Air Speed Indicator 400 MPH

This is the correct wartime ASI as specified on the AVRO Bill of Materials for the Lancaster. ASIs in knots were only used in Coastal Command aircraft until after the war, when knots were accepted by the RAF.

SOLD OUT - More Wanted

Artificial Horizon Mk1B 6A/1519

See Blind Flying Panel Instruments page

Rate of Climb Indicator Mk1- 6A/942

SOLD OUT - More wanted

Altimeter Mk14 6A/685

SOLD OUT - More wanted.

Direction Indicator Mk1A  6A/1298

See Original Blind Flying Instruments Page

Turn & Slip Indicator Mk1B 6A/1302

See Original Blind Flying Panel Instrument Page

Vacuum Change-Over Cock

This is fitted to the pilot's instrument panel on the left hand side.

SOLD - More Wanted


Propeller Feathering Switch 5C/4854

Available singly or in pairs or fours. New, old stock still packed in cardboard cartons.

See 5C Electrical Components page.


Boost Gauge Mk3G 6A/789

Used on Mk1 Lancasters. Later Mks used the +24lb gauge.

See Main Panel Flight Instruments page.

Boost Gauge Mk3M 6A/1581

Used on most Lancasters from 1943 onwards.

See Main Panel Flight Instruments page.

Dimmer Switch Type R - 5C/2526

See 5C Electrical Components Page

Engine Starter Button and Cover - 5C/898 or 5C/540

Also available with unlettered flap suitable for the fire extinguisher buttons.

See 5C Electrical Components Page

Control Panel Type 89 10LB/90

SOLD - More Wanted

Radio Panel Type 192

Sold - More Wanted

Navigator's Lamp 5C/1079 be Herbert Terryy

SOLD OUT - More Wanted


Twin Magneto Switch and Guard - 5C/1540 - 2 Pairs Available


SOLD - More Wanted

Bomb Release Button, Interlock Ring, Plug and Cable - 5D/634

This is the classic bomb release as fitted in the Bomb Aimer's Station.

See Bombing Equipment Page



Morse Key Type F - 10F/7741

This is the classic morse key fitted in the Wireless Operator's Station in the Lancaster. It is in used condition

SOLD OUT - More Wanted

Distant Reading Compass - Pilot's Repeater - 6B/742

Fits in a separate panel above the main instrument board.


Turret Position Indicator - 6A/1804


Supercharger Switch 5D/531

Four of these are fitted to the main instrument panel on the upper right-hand side.

PRICE: £6.25 Each

Sets of 4 available for £25