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DF Loop Tuning Control for R1155 Receiver.

Used in the Stirling and Wellington Bombers.


Transmitter T1154 Valve Type VT104 10E/215

These valves are scarce. Also known as CV1104 or PT15.

Price: £65


 American Radar Signal Amplifier Type A-19/APA-14,

APA-14 was a component part of APS-15 which was designated H2X. This was a development of the British H2S Radar but using the X Band. It was first introduced in late 1943 on B17 and B24 aircraft and a number of Mosquitos were also equiped with it. It was also used on the RAF Washington (B-29).

PRICE: £25

Intercom Socket

PRICE: £30

Converter, RAF "Bell" Plug to NATO Jack Plug

PRICE: £25

Aerial Insulator 10A/7652

PRICE: £10

IFF Control Unit Type 90 10LB/91

This Control Unit was located in the Wireless Operator's Station on the Lancaster Bomber. Complete units of this type are very rare.

SOLD - More Wanted

It can be seen just to the right of the Bearing Indicator above the Wireless Operator's window in this photograph of NX611 "Just Jane" at East Kirkby.

Radio Panel Type 192 - 10D/13336

This is a rare item which was used in the Avro Lancaster

SOLD - More Wanted

Indicator Unit Type 230 10QB/6290

This scarce unit was used with the BAGFUL counter measures system which used the R1622 Receiver.

SOLD OUT, More wanted

Village Inn Friendly Fire Prevention Device 5C/3157

This equipment was designed to prevent the Village Inn Automatic Gun Laying Turret (AGLT) from shooting down British aircraft. Special 'Z' transmissions were sent via Infra-red from other aircraft in the bomber stream. When these were received by AGLT, the turret would withhold fire.


Cavity Magnetron Valve for Village Inn

This was a "secret" component of the Village Inn system.


Master Contactor Type 2  10A/10994

This is the famous "Pipsqueak" that was used in aircraft during the Battle of Britain to identify British aircraft to the controllers. Radar at the time only looked out to sea, hence aircraft inland did not appear. The unit issued a "beep" on the RT, hence its nickname of "Pipsqueak". The unit is clockwork, so it had to be rewound by the ground crew between missions.

PRICE: £100

Amplifier Type A1134A 10U/90

SOLD OUT - More Wanted

8-Pin Jones Plug and Socket

As used in heavy bombers on the T1154/R1155 radio installation.

PRICE: £30 for the pair

SOLD ITEMS - More Wanted

Receiver Type R3582A GEE Mk2 or GEE-H 10DB/8373

These were used in the heavy bombers such as the AVRO Lancaster. This one was tropicalised in 1946 and is fitted with RF Unit 26B 10DB/8653.

Sold Out - More wanted

Indicator Unit Type 166A for GEE-H

This is the Indicator Unit for the above Receiver R3582A.

Sold Out - More wanted

RADAR Screen Overlay 10AB/2577.

SOLD OUT - More wanted

Indicator Type 62 - 10Q/13000

Display unit for GEE set

SOLD OUT - More Wanted

Radio Transmitter Type T1154N

No transit case.

Sold Out - More Wanted

Radio Receiver Type R1147 10D/13129

Unused and boxed. Fitted to Seafire and later Spitfire aircraft.

SOLD OUT - More wanted

Radio Receiver Type R1155 10D/820

This type of receiver was fitted to many large aircraft including the AVRO Lancaster.

SOLD OUT - More Wanted

Receiver Type R3132B 10DB/1286

This is believed to be the receiver from an Air to Surface Vessel radar system, probably from an early Shackleton.

SOLD OUT - More wanted