Fully Populated Blind Flying Panel - REPRO Panel with Genuine Instruments, vacuum manifolds and one vacuum pipe.

Believed to represent a SEAFIRE


Reproduction Early Model Rectangular Blind Flying Panel.

This is a copy of the early war rectangular BFP that was in use during the Battle of Britain. It is made in 3mm Aluminium.

PRICE: £60

Reproduction Later Model Curved Top Blind Flying Panel.

This is a copy of the curved top BFP that was in use from the mid-war period until the late 1950s. It is made in 3mm Aluminium.

PRICE: £60

Instrument Fixing Screws 6A/2527

Pack of 10 screws


2BA Brass Nuts

Pack of 10 Nuts


2BA Spacers for Instruments

Pack of 5 Spacers

PRICE: £10

ORIGINAL Blind Flying Panel Vacuum Manifold 6A/2518

Main casting only; no cover plate (Item 2 on the drawing below).

Fits on the back of the BFP and feeds the vacuum supply to the instruments.

Used on all aircraft to which the above BFPs were fitted, including the Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster, Halifax, Stirling, Mosquito, etc,


SOLD OUT - More Wanted

The following Pipes are genuine RAF Vacuum Supply Pipes for the Blind Flying Panel. All pipes are new and unused. PRICE: £15 each.

Pipe No1 ASI Static to RoC Static 6A/1010

Still a few left. PRICE: £15

Pipe No2A ASI Pressure to Altimeter Pressure 6A/1389


Pipe No3 ASI Pressure to Panel Manifold 6A/1012



Pipe No 4 Altimeter Static to Panel Static 6A/1013


Pipe No 5 Turn & Slip to Panel Manifold 6A/1014

Still a few left. PRICE: £15

Pipe No 6 Artificial Horizon to Panel Manifold 6A/1015


Pipe No 7 Direction Indicator to Panel Manifold 6A/1016

PRICE: £15


Reproduction Blind Flying Panel Lugs

PRICE: £125 for a set of 3


Reproduction Blind Flying Panel Sprung Mounts

Exact reproductions of the wartime sprung BFP mounts made with original conical springs. The only concession to the modern world is the metric thread on the top fixing.


Reproduction Spitfire Top Blind Flying Panel Mount

Cast in Aluminium and drilled to accept the BFP suspension mounts.

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