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Alarm Warning Bell 5CZ/NIV/145

Used in many American bombers during WW2

PRICE: £20


Dimmer Switch Type A 12v 6A/367

Spitfire, Tiger Moth, etc.

PRICE: £40

Identification Lamps Morse Key 5C/372

PRICE: £75



Green Filter for ALDIS Signalling Lamp


ALDIS Signalling Lamp dated 1945 - In Wooden Box



American WW2 Signalling Lamp - Grimes Model K-2



The dimmer switch is missing, but I can supply one if needed.

Navigator's Lamp 5C/1079 by Herbert Terry

This is the famous Anglepoise type of lamp that was fitted in the Navigator's position of the Avro Lancaster.

SOLD - More Wanted

Cockpit Lamp 5C/366 - First Pattern

This is the First Pattern early cockpit lamp introduced in the 1930s and continuing in use throughout WW2.

PRICE: £30

Cockpit Lamp 5C/366 - Second Pattern

This is the Second Pattern lamp used extensively in WW2 until the shortage of brass forced the use of the Third Pattern Bakelite lamp.

PRICE: £30

Cockpit Lamp 5C/366 - Third Pattern

This is the Third Pattern Bakelite lamp introduced in the late War period due to a shortage of brass, and continued into the 1960s.

SOLD OUT - More Wanted

Propeller Feathering Switch 5C/4854

New, old stock still in the cardboard carton.



Reflector for 7" Landing Lamp Type G

New reflector. No corrosion.

PRICE: £10

Ignition Booster Coil - 37A/1815

As fitted to many single engined fighters during WW2 and into the 1950s.

On the Spitfire there is a second button to the right of the Engine Start button, which when held down, energises this type of booster.

PRICE: £30

Lighting Switchbox - 5C/3023

Believed to have been fitted to the Fairey Firefly.


Switch Assembly - 26BZ/5906

Believed to have been fitted to the Fairey Firefly.

PRICE: £25

Engine Start Button 5C/898 with Cover 5C/1267

SOLD OUT - More Wanted

Sprung Cover for Push Button - 5K/2724 or AGS1755

These were used to prevent the accidental operation of push buttons 5C/540 and 5C/898. I have also seen these painted red, blue or with diagonal black and yelow stripes.

PRICE: £25 (Pack of 5)