Oxygen Bayonet Union Mk4 6D/526

Complete with Crocodile Clip.

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 Small quantity of RAF Mk14 and Mk15 Flying Overalls now available together with green and white pairs of calf skin gloves.

Navigator's Bag

Cape LeatherFlying Gloves

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Reproduction Blind Flying Panel Sprung Mounts

Excellent, faithful reproductions of the rare BFP sprung mounts

See Blind Flying Panels and Fixings page..

Fuel Contents Gauge Type 12 6A/632

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Sprung Covers for Push Buttons - 5K/2724 alias AGS1755

New supply available. See Electrical Components Page

1954 Percival Provost T1 - £4,995

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Regulatory Valve 137J/3302 - Packard Merlin

This valve was used to regulate Vacuum Pump Suction pressure on the Packard built Rolls Royce Merlin engines that were fitted to the Lancaster bomber. The package is dated September 1943.

I believe that it may also have been used in Canadian built Mosquitos and Hurricanes as well as P-51 Mustangs.

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Valve Regulatory Type AR5/450/2  27VB/3247

Used in the pneumatic brake system of the Spitfire.

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Ignition Booster Coil - 24V 37A/1815

See 5C Electrical Components page

Original Blind Flying Panel Vacuum Manifold 6A/2518 and Vacuum Pipe for Turn and Slip Indicator - Used in most RAF Wartime aircraft, including the SPITFIRE, LANCASTER, etc. and many aircraft of the 1950s and 1960s.

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Reproduction Avro Lancaster Control Yoke

See Lancaster Spares page for details.