Rare Wartime Oxygen Mask Type E* 6D/624

Scarce Oxygen Mask complete with tube and clip. Some age related hardening of the rubber

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WW1 Instruments added today

For Pattern 259 Compass see Compasses and Nav Equipment Page.

For Altimeter Mk V see Other Instruments Page

AUSTER Nose Cowling

PRICE: £50


Rare Oil Temperature Thermometer dated 1945

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Rare Black Display Team Flying Suits

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Gun Sight Mounting for Reflector Sight Mk2

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Bomb Sight Computor Type T-3 9/4522 1956 Ex Canberra WH964

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Switchbox for Mk14 Bomb Sight Installation 5C/2799

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Original Glass Screen for Reflector Gun Sight Mk2

Some minor damage, mainly chips around the edges.

See 8B/ Gun Sights and Related items page.


Sea Vixex Gun Sight Display Unit 8B/5055

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PRICE: £350



Amplfier Type A1134A 10U/90

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This aircraft was one of the last GR1s in operational service and was finished as she last flew in all over grey.  First flown on 28/11/1980, this aircraft served the first part of her operational life on TTTE (Tri Tornado Training Establishment) with tail code B55 before being allocated to 15 Squadron at RAF Lossiemouth. Last flown 31/05/2001, it was then retired to a ground instructional role where she served as the RAF Lossiemouth weapons load trainer as a ground instructional airframe for: 14 Sqn, 15 Sqn, 12 Sqn and 617 Sqn.


Air Speed Indicator from RAF SPITFIRE LF16e SL674

This ASI carries an inscription on the rear which shows it to have been removed from SL674 in October 1951. This aircraft was subsequently placed on exhibition outside the chapel at Biggin Hill. Later it was replaced by a fibreglass replica and SL674 was moved to the RAF Museum at Cosford.

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Rare Lancaster IFF Control Unit Type 90 10LB/91

See Radio and Radar Equipment page



Oxygen Bayonet Union Mk4 6D/526

Complete with Crocodile Clip.

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Reproduction Blind Flying Panel Sprung Mounts

Excellent, faithful reproductions of the rare BFP sprung mounts

See Blind Flying Panels and Fixings page..