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Stabilised Automatic Bomb Sight 9/3285, Serial Number 532

This is the actual sighting head known as a Ranging Unit. It is extremely rare, less than 1000 having been built and as far as I know, this is the ONLY one remaining. It was used initially by 9 Sqn and 44 Sqn but was transferred almost at once to 617 Sqn (the Dambusters) who were the only other known WW2 users. It proved very successful in the raid against the Tirpitz although this was actually sunk by a IX Squadron aircraft using the Mk14/T1 Bomb Sight. Several Tiger Force Lancasters and Lincolns were later fitted with it, but were never used. I think that it remained fitted to some Lincolns after the war. The Lincoln at Cosford has a switch marked SABS but is fitted with a Mk14 sight.


Bomb Sight PR Type 1 9/4532 and Control Panel 9/4533

Believed to have been removed from Valiant B(PR)K1 aircraft WZ389.

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Sighting Head Type T-1 - 109/80 for Mk14 Bomb Sight - LANCASTER, etc

Rare T-1 Sighting Head dated 1943. For use with the Bomb Sight Computer shown below.

PRICE £350

Mk14 and  Types T-2 and T-3 also available

Mk14 Bomb Sight Computer 9/125 - LANCASTER, etc

This is the RAF version for use with the Sperry Sighting Head Type T-1 (etc.). It was made in USA under License.

PRICE: £300

5D/634 Bomb Release

 Complete with cable and plug and very rare locking ring for key safe.

PRICE: £35

5D/634 Bomb Release

With cable and plug but without locking ring

PRICE: £15

Bomb Distributor Unit 16-Way 5D/663

This is a12v unit.

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Bomb Distributor Unit 32-Way  5D/1065

This is a 24v unit

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Toggle Switch 5D/551

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Bomb Selection Switch 5D/1363

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