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Air Speed Indicators in MPH -The RAF used MPH throughout WW2 only changing to Knots in 1946.

Air Speed Indicator 40-160 MPH - Mk9B 6A/290

Tiger Moth, Horsa glider, etc

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Air Speed Indicator 60-320 MPH - Mk9D 6A/415

Fitted to many aircraft including the Stirling, Wellington, Whitley, Blenheim and Hampden.

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Air Speed Indicator 60-400 MPH - Mk9E

Fitted to early Mk. Spitfires and all Lancasters

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Air Speed Indicator 60-480 MPH - Mk9F

Fitted to later Mks of Spitfire

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Air Speed Indicators in Knots

 The Royal Navy used ASIs in Knots during WW2, but the RAF did not. Knots were not adopted by the RAF until 1946.


Air Speed Indicator 20-210 Knots - Mk9A*

Low reading ASI suitable for the Tiger Moth and Auster light aircraft.

PRICE: £50

Air Speed Indicator 50-280 Knots - Mk9D*

PRICE: £25

Air Speed Indicator 50-350 Knots - Mk9E*

Fitted to many WW2 types including the Seafire, Sea Hurricane, Firefly and Barracuda.

PRICE: £35

Air Speed Indicator 50-420 Knots - Mk9F*

Fitted to the Firefly, Seafire, and Hornet during WW2 and many RAF aircraft after 1946 including the famous Spitfire.


Air Speed Indicator 50-500 Knots

Post-War ASI used in early jet aircraft.

PRICE: £30



Altimeter Mk 12D 6A/1502

Used in the pressure cabin of the high flying reconaisence aircraft such as the Spitfire and Mosquito.

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Altimeter Mk13D - 6A/437

This reads to 40,000 feet and was fitted to many aircraft during WW2 including the early photo-reconnaisance versions of the Spitfire and Mosquito.

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Altimeter Mk14A

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Altimeter Mk17

This is an ICAN calibrated altimeter that was used in the Navigator's station of multi-engined bombers such as the Lancaster.

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Artificial Horizons

Artificial Horizon Mk1A 6A/599

This one is dated 1941 but is the type which was fitted to the Spitfire and Hurricane during the Battle of Britain.

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Artificial Horizon Mk1B 6A/1519

Introduced in 1940, but not in common use until 1941.

PRICE: £50


Direction Indicators

Direction Indicator Mk1A 6A/602

This is the early pattern of DI that was fitted to the Spitfires and Hurricanes throughout the Battle of Britain.

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Direction Indicator Mk1 6A/1297

This is also an early pattern DI with the bottom entry air duct, but is fluorescent rather than luminous, hence no Radium paint. It is boxed and wrapped as shown in the two photographs below. The photo at left is a different instrument and is included to show the style of the face.

PRICE: £125

Direction Indicator Mk1A 6A/1298

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Rate of Climb Indicators

Rate of Climb Indicator - 6A/942

This is the classic Rate of Climb Indicator used throughout WW2.

It is available in both long case and short case versions.

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Rate of Climb Indicator 6A/942 - Second Pattern

This design was introduced in the middle years of WW2.

PRICE: £85


Turn & Slip Indicators

Turn and Slip Indicator 6A/675 - Luminous

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Turn and Slip Indicator 6A/1302 - Fluorescent

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