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Air Speed Indicators in MPH

The RAF used MPH throughout WW2 only changing to Knots in 1946.

Air Speed Indicator 40-160 MPH - Mk9B 6A/290

Tiger Moth, Horsa glider, etc

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Air Speed Indicator 60-320 MPH - Mk9D 6A/415

Fitted to many aircraft including the Stirling, Wellington, Whitley, Blenheim and Hampden.

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Air Speed Indicator 60-400 MPH - Mk9E

Fitted to early Mk. Spitfires and all Lancasters

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Air Speed Indicator 60-480 MPH - Mk9F

Fitted to later Mks of Spitfire

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Air Speed Indicators in Knots

 The Royal Navy used ASIs in Knots. These were not adopted by the RAF until 1946.


Air Speed Indicator 20-210 Knots - Mk9A*

Low reading ASI suitable for the Tiger Moth and Auster light aircraft.

PRICE: £50

Air Speed Indicator 50-280 Knots - Mk9D*

PRICE: £20

Air Speed Indicator 50-350 Knots - Mk9E*

Fitted to many WW2 types including the Seafire, Sea Hurricane, Firefly and Barracuda.

PRICE: £35

Air Speed Indicator 50-420 Knots - Mk9F*

Fitted to the Firefly, Seafire, and Hornet during WW2 and many RAF aircraft after 1946 including the famous Spitfire.

PRICE: £35

Air Speed Indicator 50-500 Knots

Post-War ASI used in early jet aircraft.

PRICE: £30



Altimeter Mk 12D 6A/1502

Used in the pressure cabin of the high flying reconaisence aircraft such as the Spitfire and Mosquito.

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Altimeter Mk13D - 6A/437

This reads to 40,000 feet and was fitted to many aircraft during WW2 including the early photo-reconnaisance versions of the Spitfire and Mosquito.

PRICE: £50


Altimeter Mk14A

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Altimeter Mk17

This is an ICAN calibrated altimeter that was used in the Navigator's station of multi-engined bombers such as the Lancaster.

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Artificial Horizons

Artificial Horizon Mk1A 6A/599

In common use during the Battle of Britain

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Artificial Horizon Mk1B 6A/1519

Introduced in 1940, but not in common use until 1941.

PRICE: £35


Direction Indicators

Direction Indicator Mk1A 6A/602

This is the early pattern of DI that was fitted to the Spitfires and Hurricanes throughout the Battle of Britain.

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Direction Indicator Mk1B 6A/1298

PRICE: £50


Rate of Climb Indicators

Rate of Climb Indicator - 6A/942

This is the classic Rate of Climb Indicator used throughout WW2.

It is available in both long case and short case versions.

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Rate of Climb Indicator 6A/942 - Second Pattern

This design was introduced in the middle years of WW2.

PRICE: £50


Turn & Slip Indicators

Turn and Slip Indicator 6A/675 - Luminous

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Turn and Slip Indicator 6A/1302 - Fluorescent

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