These items are located in Spain and are priced in Euros

To purchase these items, please contact Juan directly at

Telephone +33 644 750818

Japanese Air Speed Indicator

United Instruments Type 8000 ASI calibrated in both knots and MPH and in excellent condition.

PRICE: €100

Grimes Landing Light Type D3040E

In good condition and working correctly, both the bulb and the mechanism for removing and inserting the lamp itself. Power connector is included. Working voltage: 28V DC  250W.

PRICE: €170

MMB BO-105 Helicopter Collective Stick

Switches and buttons in good condition but not connected.

PRICE: €50

Compass Type KCA-0105W

Reserve compass by Smiths Industries dated 1988 and in excellent condition, with only minor marks due to having been mounted. The Compass appears to function normally with no liquid leaks and no bubbles. Original connection cable and adjustment key included.

PRICE: €125